A Little About Jennifer…

Every since I was little girl I was a huge Sci-Fi & Disney lover. Star Wars was the first fandom I ever associated with. The first costume I ever remember asking for was the Queen Amidala red queen outfit for Halloween. I even put the red dots on my face and lips.

 Fast-Forward to 2014, I attended my first ever comic convention. I cried when I saw a Mandalorian walking around. This kind of emotion from just seeing a character from the movie ?! That’s crazy! ( not really)

I decided then, that I wanted to learn to make cosplays for conventions for myself and others. I want to let other people have that type of emotional experience from seeing & being their favorite characters.

 I remember my first goal for sewing…. I would make a Queen Amidala Outfit. I was determined.

 I studied as an apprentice for Aria’s Done Designs for about a year and a half. During my learning process I did achieve that goal with the help of Aria.

(She’s a great cosplay seamstress, you should definitely look her up)

Now I am in the process of furthering my education to become a seamstress that specializes in galactic inspired clothing, and finding the best recipe for my homemade soaps (Fandom Bars).

 ​I choose the name for Rogue Universe because the concept is that I can create anything without limiting myself.

If you see something on the website that I’ve made and you’re interested

in having it commissioned, let me know!

My Mission

My goal is to make fashionable every-day cosplay for EVERYONE.

I would like to create all sizes, custom fitted to your needs. I want to inspire men and women to be confident in what they’re wearing.  To help fan-girls & fan-boys to be able to fly there nerd flag high, and be proud of there fandom.

My blog I hope informs and helps readers. I want to help educate with travel tips and tricks, packing ideas, convention hacks, and sewing tutorials.

 Fandom Bars, Handmade soaps from your favorite fandom.